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Customer Portal

Real-time statements get customers on the same page

Alleviate the headache of back and forth customer communications around invoice & statements with the online customer portal. This 24/7 portal provides your customer with real-time statements, invoices, credit memos and payment history. Since it is tied to your accounting system, it is always accurate and up-to-date. With full transparency, mistakes are reduced and customer trust is increased. Then, with just a click, customers can submit their payment, making it simple to pay.

Automated, Interactive Communications

Take the emotion and frustration out of payment reminders

Free your team from having to track down customers. Automatically email them weekly with links to their real-time statements in their customer portal. The system generated emails take the emotion out of payment communications, restoring harmony to your customer relationship. Just set it and forget it.

Online Payments

Make it simple for your customers to pay online

Enable customers to pay digitally via ACH or credit card and you’ll receive funds faster. You’ll also eliminate manual processing of physical checks and having to hand process credit card payments, plus you can pass on credit card fees to your customers. Continue to accept offline payment options like paper checks and COD and you’ll find that your customers pay even faster thanks to Wholesail.


Make it easy for customers to set it and forget it

Autopay lets your customers pay you on time, consistently. Whether you’re billing the same amount each month or setting up a payment plan for your customers, Autopay saves everyone time.

Wholesail lets you and your customers set up automatic payments with many options, including COD, weekly payment, and payment when invoices are due. You can use autopay to automate credit card charges and ACH bank transfers.

Auto Reconciliation

Eliminate manual accounting of payments when received online

When your customers pay online with Wholesail, payments are automatically applied and reconciled with your bank account and accounting system. Say ‘goodbye’ to manual reconciliation.

Run A/R Remotely

Enjoy 24/7 access to your customer accounts

Manage your accounts receivables anytime from anywhere. Accessible from the Web and continuously synced with your accounting/ERP system, you always have access to a real-time status of customer accounts.

Seamless Accounting/ERP Integration

Eliminate data entry with deep system integration

We sync with popular systems such as QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Our deep integration provides real-time two-way synchronization between your accounting/ERP system and Wholesail. When your customers pay online with Wholesail, payments are automatically applied and reconciled with your bank. You’ll be impressed with how well the systems work together.

Easy to Use

So intuitive that you and your customers won’t need training

The most advanced software in the world has little value if people don’t use it. That’s why we put as much emphasis on design as we do on technology. Our design team has over a decade of experience building easy-to-use software at OpenTable and Google.

Wholesail’s interface is clean and simple and puts the most popular functions front-and-center.

Wholesail Customer Service

Responsive service team focused on delighting you and your customers

We’re not successful until you’re successful. Our dedicated customer service team will hold your hand through every step of the process from accounting system integration to onboarding and training. And we don’t stop there. We also monitor inbound accounts receiveable email communications and provide your customers with white glove service should they need assistance accessing their portal and paying their bills online.