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100s of Food & Beverage vendors use Wholesail to get paid by over 30,000 businesses across the US

Learn how Wholesail vendors….

Get Paid Faster

3X faster than checks or other ACH Providers

Save Time

40 hours per month for every 500 customers

Improve Customer Transparency

87% of F&B vendors’ customers manage their payments using Wholesail

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“Having good customer service that makes our clients' lives easier is a huge win. Wholesail offers our customers an additional service, which sets us apart from the competition.”
Eduard Llanas, Owner, mmmediterranean
“Even customers who are not paying through Wholesail, are paying faster and more consistently because they now have transparency. The Wholesail Customer Portal makes a huge difference.”
Ali Chalabi, Owner, Breadbar
“With Wholesail, all client interactions are better. It’s the magical key. There is less follow-up, less questions, less confusion. Everyone has what they need to move forward.”
James Ameeti, Owner, Perfect Pour
“Customer service is so important at Sutter’s. Wholesail fits right in and is now part of the great service we offer our customers.”
Kara Troyer, Office Administrator, Sutter’s Quality Foods
“Wholesail works so smoothly. Everything just works as it's supposed to, exactly as you guys explained it to me. The support they provide has been next to none.”
Peter Braidman, Fresh Guys
“With Wholesail, accounts receivable is taken care of. The stress is gone. There’s transparency for our customers. We know that if there’s an obstacle in our way, the Wholesail team is going to jump in to solve it.”
Gemma Holmes, Director of Finance, Firebrand