Wholesail - Modernize your invoices and payments

Modernize invoices and payments for your customers

Designed specifically for the food industry, Wholesail offers a full payment portal for your restaurant and retail customers while automating your AR process so you can get paid quicker.

Let customers view invoices and pay online

Empower your customers to access invoices, statements, and payment history without needing to contact you. They can pay online to avoid the time and cost of mailing a check.

“I’d much rather pay with ACH instead of writing and mailing checks.”

— Dan Baker, chef-owner of Marche Aux Fleurs

Automate your AR process

Wholesail integrates with your accounting system. Payments are automatically applied and reconciled with your bank account when customers pay with Wholesail.

Integrates with

Custom integrations
and more coming soon

“Before Wholesail, I had no way to verify that vendors were applying our payments correctly.”

— Jared Feldman, managing partner at Jared Feldman Consulting

Get paid, faster

Reward early payment by incentivizing your customers to pay earlier with discounts. Plus, it takes less than half the time for a payment to be in your bank account when customers use ACH instead of check.

“Since partnering with Wholesail, we have decreased our past due payments by 10%.”

— Accounts Receivable team at Four Star Seafood and Provisions

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