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Get Paid Faster, Save Time & Delight Customers

Accounts Receivable Automation Add‑on for your Accounting System

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Build Better Customer Relationships

Payment disputes can lead to strained customer relationships. Wholesail takes the emotion out of your payment reminders with automated communications. And, it lets customers get their billing questions answered immediately without disturbing you. Your customers get access to their own self-service portal so they have a secure window into their records pulled from your accounting system. Professional communications along with enhanced transparency can lead to great customer relationships.
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Save Time by Automating Repetitive Accounts Receivable Processes

Managing accounts receivables can be very time consuming. Sending out payment reminders, tracking down skipped invoices and processing checks and credit card payments steal productive hours. We automate these processes saving you time and frustration.

A typical company that sends out invoices to 500 customers saves about 100 hours each month. Imagine what you and your team could do with that new found time!
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Reduce Late Payments & AP Mistakes

Often your customer’s reconciliation doesn’t match your own. When a customer faces uncertainty around amounts owed, they don’t pay until they’re certain. Now you can provide your customers with full transparency with a real-time window into their latest statements, invoices, credit memos, and payment history. This reduces accounts payables mistakes and removes a key obstacle in payment delinquencies.

Payers pay 30% faster with Wholesail compared to checks.
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Wholesail integrates seamlessly with your accounting & ERP systems like QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, entrée NECS, NetSuite, and more.

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