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Brian Jackson is passionate about three things: adventure, North Dakota, and roasting coffee. Not Accounts Receivable.

How Wholesail put A/R in its place, so Mighty Missouri could focus on his growing community of coffee lovers.

2× Faster Pay “Days to pay” went from 21 to 8
5 hours saved each week
83% of customers access the Wholesail online portal

Brian’s a busy guy. The North Dakota native’s coffee business is booming across Bismarck, with two retail shops and a growing national wholesale business.

He’s proud of his retail team, where customers fuel their adventures with a great cup of coffee and experience “life-affirming” customer service.

Behind the scenes, Brian maintains the bulk of duties. Including wholesale operations, where his primary focus is hustling to fill packages and get orders out.

As the business grew, so did the number of calls he’d get about payments and invoices. Despite not having any time to waste, Brian would drop everything. A “quick” question about a misapplied payment could set him back hours. It wasn’t always easy to hide his frustration.

“We want our wholesale customers to feel the same overwhelmingly good customer service that our retail customers feel in our coffee shops.”

Time wasn’t Brian’s only challenge. Cash flow was also an issue for him. Late payments and increasing costs were impacting his business. To offset costs, he decided to pass along credit card fees to his customers. But to pass along fees in Quickbooks required manual workarounds. Managing workarounds for hundreds of customers wasn’t feasible.

Brian knew his time and energy could be better spent.

Brian gets paid faster and feels less stressed about A/R, thanks to Wholesail’s cost-effective self-service portal.

Mighty Missouri added Wholesail to QuickBooks to create a self-service portal for their customers. Now they can view real-time statements, invoices, credit memos, and payment history. Payments are one click away, via ACH or credit card.

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Two Reasons Brian Chose Wholesail

1. Next Level Support

It’s important for Brian to provide his customers with 24/7 online access to their accounts. This alone has reduced overpayments, double-payments, and skipped invoices.

But it’s the service Wholesail’s people provide him and his customers that impresses him most. His customers are connected to a team of people who help them every step of the way, from initial setup to managing day-to-day system related questions.

“Wholesail makes us more robust. People feel taken care of. Even if my customers call me and I say, ‘I can't answer that right now’, I direct them to Wholesail and they get immediate support. We've been really impressed by the support—in fact, especially impressed by the support Wholesail provides.”

Wholesail’s support responds to every question within 2 hours.

2. Effortless Flow

As Brian’s costs increased, he needed to pass along credit card fees to his customers–no easy task when using Quickbooks. But Wholesail made it easy while allowing customers the option to pay for free using ACH transfer.

He also gets paid 13 days faster. Automated weekly statements and invoices allow for full transparency and reduce Brian’s need to make collections calls. It’s easy for him to stay friendly with his customers.

“There's a level of trust between us and our customers. We’re growing together. Wholesail is a way for them to help them manage their cash flow as well. So it's more power to them.”

Communication is simpler, and customers are happier.

“There is a lot of power in every interaction with our customers. Wholesail helps us put our best foot forward.”